styled bridal shoot | portrait.

After being able to partake in my first styled shoot a little over a month ago, a Waldo inspired theme (check it out HERE and HERE) I’ve been fixated on trying to keep shooting some personal projects and making sure to surround myself with creative and passionate individuals to create art.  The team that did the #waldo shoot, joined forces again, plus a few new faces, and a different model. The result was out of this world.  For this shoot, we looked for inspiration in the Bride of Frankenstein, Corpse Bride and various elements of Tim Burton. I want to thank the team for being so passionate about this project and their hard work, vision and dedication.  I am so proud to have been apart of it. For now, here is part one of two. part1 hair | Richard Vo | Opus Salon Yaletown | make-up | Colbi Smith styling | Tiffany Antonio | Five Feet Fashion | styling assistant | Cheryl Carrasco nails | Denise Escalante | model | Kara F | dresses | Myrna |MJM Wedding Services | to be continued…

inspired by fer.

On Wednesday, I was privileged to attend a workshop by a photographer, who in my opinion is one of the best in the world. His name is Fer Juaristi and not only is he a top notch artist, he is a quality human being. One of the biggest things I learned from this crazy mexican was to let go and not be afraid to create – unleashe my creativity and shoot images that I love to shoot. I love images that are raw in emotion, aesthetically appealing in composition and dynamic in light.  Fer’s workshop inspired me to always keep those elements in mind as I shoot, and I know the results will be killer. I was truly inspired on Wednesday, and I can speak for the other photographers that were there with me: Fer is the bomb. A special thanks to the #mofos at Nordica Photography for getting this all together and a big thank you to the biggest #mofo, Fer! I cannot wait for this wedding season! The following images are my favourites from throughout the day. Which one is yours!? 🙂


At the end of February I attended my first ever WPPI convention in Las Vegas. I was privileged enough to hear some of the most illustrious photographers speak, witnessed the most incredible award winning images, bonded with fellow Vancouver friends, met a handful of photographers from around the world who I really admire, partied with them, ate copious amounts of food (well the word ‘food’ is giving what I ate way too much credit), came to the realization that every photographer in Vegas but me, had an iPhone and WALKED. SO. MUCH! 🙂 The pictures below are from my experiences outside the convention bubble, walking around the strip, at the desert, in my hotel room… in no particular order… kind of like how my mind felt when I was there! Nonetheless, this was one week of my life that has left me ultimately inspired and driven to push myself to work on my craft, and most importantly, my business. Till’ we meet again Vegas, I had a blast! #AreYouOnInstagram?

where have you been.

This shoot is really special to me. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to shoot for myself and really see how far I could push my creative boundaries.  As of late, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired.  It wasn’t until I had collaborated with some insanely talented people this past Sunday, that my dryspell of inspiration finally let up. It just goes to show that when you are able to surround yourself with an energetic team, each person equally inspired, full of vision and enthusiatic about a project, amazing things can be produced. Below is part one of this collaboration: part1 hair | Richard Vo | Opus Salon Yaletown | styling | Tiffany Antonio | Five Feet Fashion | make-up | Colbi Smith model | Kaitlin Sullivan | Charles Stuart International Models | to be continued…

bryan | portrait.

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s start it off with the first blog post of 2012.  Bryan Aquino, co-founder of Douglas Hip Hop Club  


Thank you to Michael Wachniak for taking me under his wing this year and giving me the opportunity to second shoot and assist during his wedding season. I couldn’t have asked for a better first summer ever of learning. The following images were all taken by me while on the job!     

best of: EUROPE.

some of my favourite shots from my europe trip: see the rest of europe trip in these links: Venice Cinque Terre Florence Rome Athens Lisbon Berlin