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I will give you a space to just be.

I hope you will be open,

to give me a space too.


I’m a big believer in synchronicities and meaningful coincidences.

Life always has its way of bringing people together at the right time and right place, so I am grateful that our paths have crossed! Your wedding day will go by in a blink of an eye, so one of the biggest pieces of advice I can share is that you should aim to be completely present with each other and your loved ones to make the most of your special day.

Put full trust in me to document the day’s moments.

Not only is the day about you, I really believe it is about the people around you and the emotions the day carries. It is important to me to capture these emotions genuinely by both being a fly on the wall and immersing myself as a guest. It’s the moments like the ugly cries and the deep belly laughs that mean the most to me.


I strive to create imagery that is impactful, powerful and meaningful.

Genuine human connection makes life beautiful.

awards & accolades.




I appreciate your diversity
and admire the courage
it takes to

be unapologetically you.




I want to show the world that

love is love.

my story.

my philosophy.


“Your ability to be seemingly omnipresent and capture the moments that really made our wedding so special was clearly seen in all the photos. 
There is really something very unique and special in the way you can capture the moments that will resonate in the hearts of others, and we’re just happy that there is someone like you out there acting as that source of joy for so many fortunate people.”


Joannza & Lawrence
“Thank you, John, for making us feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable in front of the camera.
You are a kind soul with an amazing gift, and we are so fortunate we got to work with you.”
Roanne & Richard
“Our special day mattered to him. His photography captured our story, full of love, surprise, laughter, tenderness and happy tears and took our hearts into his hands and with remarkable ability.
John captured our deepest most vulnerable moments that forever will allow us to relive that very special day.”


Terri & Scott