Last night was special a special night for me at the BC Wedding Awards. This time around I was lucky enough to have my best friend Maxi, and my boyfriend Andy with me throughout the night to soak it all in by my side.

And like every year, I was in the company of the most talented wedding industry friends and colleagues. I am so proud to be a part of a community of artists, influencers and game changers who always strive for excellence in their crafts.

I’m incredibly happy to say I experienced a high point last night, winning the Best Overall Wedding Photography category!

As I expected, being on stage was a blur. I usually freeze up when it comes to public speaking so I didn’t get to articulate properly how I felt inside once I was handed the mic. But I want to share what I was feeling in that moment anyway.

Seven years ago in 2012, I was on the very same same stage, accepting my first ever award.

I was a lost little boy looking into a sea of faces, most of whom I’ve never met. It was quite surreal.

Not only did I just step foot into the wedding industry and begin running my business on my own, it was around the same time I embarked on my journey of self.

There were moments I felt lost, and moments I felt alone.

I didn’t realize at the time, but over the next 7 years I’d cross paths with so many of these amazing people staring back at me. I am so grateful to have created and maintained bonds and connections along the way have the privilege to have friends that continue to provide me with an abundance of acceptance, guidance, and support.


You made my journey a little less scary and filled it with love. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Below are the images I submitted to this year’s Best Overall Wedding Photography category, which belong to Joannza & Lawrence, two more beautiful human beings whos paths collided with mine. These two literally re-filled my life with light in a time when it seemed like there was no light left.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

The amount of gratefulness I possess for their light is immeasurable.

Their day was full of pure emotion, love, and vulnerability. It was beautiful.

Thank you Joannza & Lawrence.

John Bello // BC Wedding Awards 2019 // Winner of Best Overall Photography

All images were shot by Vancouver Wedding photographer, John Bello.
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