975.00 + gst  for 8″ by 12″ album creation

1375.00 + gst  for 11″ by 14″ album creation 

album include 15 spreads (30 pages)

20.00 for each additional spread after 15

500.00 each, for duplicate copy of album creation (must be same size)


steps to creating your album.


1. Browse through your wedding gallery and choose 40 – 60 “must have” photos you’d like to see in the album. Additionally, please don’t forget to choose all of the family formal pictures you would like include in the album if these are important to you!

You can create a favourites list within the gallery by clicking on the heart icon (favourite button) on the first desired photo. Once you click on your first favourite photo, you will be prompted to provide an email address. From here you can create and add to your “favourites list” by clicking the heart icon on all of the desired images.

You can access and view your Favourites List by clicking the main heart icon at the top of the gallery menu bar. Here you can curate your list by removing any undesired photo by clicking its heart icon and sending it back to the main gallery.

(The number of desired photos can be more than 60, but there will most likely be a need for additional spreads/pages to accommodate them. Extra spreads are 20.00 + gst each.)


2. Let me know once you have chosen your favourites, and I will create layouts for each page of the album using your chosen images.

3. Once I have created all the layouts, I will send them over to you for you approve. If there are any changes you’d like to make, this is the time to let me know. (You get up to two revisions/changes, after two revisions is $100 per revision.



4. The current options are Grey Cloth Linen or Grey Leather album covers.

5. Once the layouts and cover material have been approved, an invoice will be sent and payment will be due.
It will take approximately 3 weeks to receive your new album!