I met these two at the Union Wedding Show last year. The Union Wedding Show brings together a talented community of West Coast wedding vendors who identify as LGBTQ+ or supportive allies. It’s a safe space for all couples to connect with potential vendors!

These two were absolute magic once we started our session at Pitt River. They were glued to each other and had so much fun making each other laugh.

When not travelling the world or being active, Steph and Mari really value their down time together.

“The perfect day for us is a slow, relaxing morning and breakfast together at home, followed by a nice motorcycle ride to a beautiful place for a hike. Lunch and beers at a new place we’ve never explored before, followed by kayaking and then reading a book in a park together. A romantic dinner at one of our favourite restaurants and enjoying our evening at home with a glass of wine.”

Already together for half of a decade, their story began when they met at a soccer tournament and have literally been inseparable since!

“I love Mari because of how brave, bold and passionate she is.
Just being around her fills my world with happiness.”

– Steph
“I love Steph because every moment I spend with her is the happiest moment of my life.
She inspires me to strive to be the best person I can be,
and being with her makes me look forward to every day!”


– Mari


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