Jasmin and Arthur celebrated a Sage Bistro wedding in Vancouver in July 2023. Their ceremony took place at the beautiful UBC Rose Garden on the university campus.

To celebrate Arthur’s Filipino and Jasmin’s Algonquin indigenous culture, the couple added beautiful elements throughout their day like the money dance, and blanket and smudging ceremonies to pay homage to both of their identities.

The groom wore a traditional Filipino barong, a formal shirt made of delicate piña or jusi fabric, often intricately embroidered. Jasmin designed and created her personal accessories adding her personal touch and style to her wedding look. You can see more of her beautiful work here: https://www.instagram.com/cnnkcreative/

“ Jasmin keeps me grounded and encourages me to be the best version of myself. – She loves me and accepts me despite my shortcomings. – Jasmin is certain about the things that she wants in life and is always looking towards pathways of obtaining those things or her goals. – She has strong uncompromisable values and reminds me about whats important in life. ”

– Arthur

“ Being with Arthur is easy in the way that authenticity is at the core of any/all interactions. I feel 100% comfortable just being and expressing things (especially the hard stuff). Arthur is unquestionably supportive. I don’t feel as though I need to quantify my experiences or feelings – he is just so open and understanding. He reminds me to be playful and that not everything has to be stressful. ”

– Jasmin

Planning: Power of Threee
Beauty: Iza Alegro
Reception: Sage Bistro