At the end of February I attended my first ever WPPI convention in Las Vegas. I was privileged enough to hear some of the most illustrious photographers speak, witnessed the most incredible award winning images, bonded with fellow Vancouver friends, met a handful of photographers from around the world who I really admire, partied with them, ate copious amounts of food (well the word ‘food’ is giving what I ate way too much credit), came to the realization that every photographer in Vegas but me, had an iPhone and WALKED. SO. MUCH! 🙂
The pictures below are from my experiences outside the convention bubble, walking around the strip, at the desert, in my hotel room… in no particular order… kind of like how my mind felt when I was there! Nonetheless, this was one week of my life that has left me ultimately inspired and driven to push myself to work on my craft, and most importantly, my business. Till’ we meet again Vegas, I had a blast!