Kristal is from Vancouver and Makis is from Corfu. Once upon a time, she travelled through Europe.. taking in the sights, absorbing the sights and enjoying life like so many University students do when they travel abroad. Along the way, she met a man. They fell in love, started a life together in Greece…  and exactly a month ago the two of them celebrated their love for one another in front of friends and family from all across the globe.. and it was EPIC. how to whiten your skin And there I was in the thick of it all.. a week long experience that I'll never forget. I got to roam the small streets of Corfu and take their portraits. I witnessed Kristal's Krevatia as their bed was blessed in a traditional ceremony. I toga partied, consumed more Greek food than I could have ever imagined, drove an ATV all over Corfu, basked in the sun, drank many a beer.. and experienced my first big fat Greek wedding… and it was amazing. Thank you to Sachin Khona, for flying in from London to help me out with this wedding.. You are the man. Seriously. This wedding has been featured on […]

kristal + makis | bed making ceremony | greece wedding.

A few days before the wedding, and a couple hours after our mini portrait session through a small village in Corfu (see here), a pre wedding tradition occured at the Kristal + Makis' home.  The Krevatia or Bed Making Ceremony is a Greek wedding tradition that involves the bridesmaids or unmarried female family or friends making the couple's bed 3 times which in turn blesses their bed and fertility.  If felt as if the whole town was present within that small bedroom, laughing, singing and taking part in this intimate ceremony. It was such a surreal experience, something I've never seen before and I'm so glad I could be witness to it. android phone spy college essay writing services zp8497586rq zp8497586rq