frequently asked questions.

When can we get our photos?

The engagement session gallery is delivered in about 3 weeks.

The complete wedding gallery is delivered around 8-10 weeks from the wedding day. 

Although I always love giving previews! You can expect a little preview gallery within a week of the big day.  

Your personal online wedding gallery includes around 600-800 photos for a typical 7 hours wedding day. Each photo is edited in my signature style.


Can we get all the raw files?

Yes, but there is a $2500.00 fee for purchasing the RAW files from me.


Can you photoshop my body?

I use Photoshop lightly in my images, but I DO NOT use photoshop to alter or manipulate body shape or size in any way.


How many weddings have you photographed?

That number is just over 200+.


Do we need a second photographer?

I prefer to photograph a wedding alone as I am comfortable capturing the day on my own. However, some couple’s prefer to have a second photographer from time to time.

A second photographer can be great if you need to have photos taken at two different locations at the same time.

Second photographer options available are:
  • a full day second photographer option for 425.00
  •  a half day photographer for 225.00 (coverage typically goes from the start of the day until after the ceremony has finished)
The half day second photographer option is the most popular option when clients are looking for a second shooter. This allows secondary coverage for the start of the day, getting ready photos, and an alternate perspective for the ceremony.
After the ceremony, I take over and photograph the rest of the day alone to cover the cocktail hour, reception and dancing.


How do we book you?

Easy! Two things are needed: a $1570.00 retainer fee and a completed and signed contract are required to secure me for wedding date. The remaining balance is due one month before the big day.

I also work exclusively with the amazing Pop Up Weddings and Elope With Us! Connect with them to get a curated wedding or elopement experience. Take the stress from planning your event and let them take it into their hands.

What is your favourite part of the wedding day?

I LOVE the dance floor.

It is my favourite part of the wedding day by far because everyone just let’s loose and lives their best lives!

The purest form of happiness is when someone closes their eyes, lets the music flow through their bones, and dances without a care in the world!






let's dance.