my philosphy


…be present, be mindful,

just be.

The best photographs are the ones you can look back on knowing you were completely present & in the moment with the one you love.

It’s such a beautiful thing to have found that someone that gives you a space, a space to be your true and authentic self.

And it’s so special to be that someone to hold space for.

“John captured our deepest most vulnerable moments that will forever allow us to relive that very special day.”

Scott & Terri

Vulnerability is courage,
honest emotion is


Words of affirmation, physical touch and quality time are my love languages.

So it only makes sense that I appreciate couples who value romance and affection.

It’s the fleeting moments of tenderness and thoughtfulness that resonates with me the most.



The weddings I remember the most are the ones where the couples embraced the flow of the day. They let go completely and rode the wave of each and every moment. 

The engagement session is the perfect opportunity to step in front of my camera and see how I vibe. See some of my favourite portrait sessions of couples that gave each other a space to just be.

Over the course of 11 years of documenting weddings and people, I’ve honed my ability to anticipate the little nuances and big emotional moments of the day and capture them with ease.

I promise to tell your story thoroughly and beautifully.

When you look at your photos, I want you to live vicariously through your loved ones.

You’ll see through the eyes of your family and friends, witness different perspectives, and feel all of the emotions from the celebration.

My editing style is true to life.

You’ve taken time to curate the beautiful colour details of your wedding so I want to make sure I respect that.

The artistry of your makeup, florals & decor and everything in between will be just as you remember them in my edits.

I wholeheartedly embrace the vibrancy of colours

and the natural beauty of skin tones.

I want you to see the world the way I do. 

Weddings encapsulate the human emotion spectrum. 

I promise to tell your story honestly and authentically.


So let’s  just be together.


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