Hanging out with me and my camera can sometimes be a pain. If I see some good light or something of visual interest, being in front of my lens is inevitable.

“Go here.
Stand over there.
Move to your left!”

What started out as innocent location scouting with my good friend Bryana, turned into a mini portrait session. The sun was out in full force in Vancouver (a rare sight these days) … the harsh and squinty kind of light.. but it didn’t matter, it made for some sweet images.  Another thing that was good about this day was the fact that she, like most wedding and portrait clients, don’t model professionally and don’t know how to stand or where to put their hands.. I think it is your job as a photographer to help them look their best… even if it means telling the subject to position their bodies certain ways and angles to make the shot more compelling and believable – and today was good practice! The more I shoot and experiment, the more I learn for the better. I can’t wait for the sun to come back once the dreadful rain lets up and the summer ACTUALLY begins in Vancouver… and when it does.. it’s on!