To Photographers: 

When you have the opportunity to photograph LGBTQ2S+ couples, and those who may encompass specific gender identities and gender expressions,

 ..please remember that they have chosen YOU. You are the person they are comfortable enough to let all their walls down in front of and have invited you to experience and capture their most intimate and vulnerable moments.

This is SO special.

But remember, in this day and age (horribly still), it’s those intimate and vulnerable moments that can attract hate, and lead to prejudice and discrimination.

 Get a feel for your couple’s comfort levels before you begin your shoot. Set the tone by creating a safe and comfortable space and vibe. 

Always make sure you ask your couples if they are comfortable with holding hands or showing PDA in public or in public spaces before suddenly taking them to busy locations to take photographs.

Double check before posting any photos of them online and onto social media. Even if in your contract, they’ve agreed to you using their photos in your portfolio, just ask again if you don’t remember talking about it with them specifically. It takes two seconds.

Again, it comes down to TRUST + SAFETY.

 Most importantly, set an intention to celebrate their love, vulnerability and courage. Honour it well through your art and vision.

Be sure to acknowledge and carry the awareness of the special TRUST they have in YOU,
the trust to share in such a vulnerable, personal space.

This space you have been invited into is a gift.

Appreciate it.

Honour it.

Celebrate it.