Antoinette and Charldan celebrated a micro wedding at The Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver.

Elope With Us took care of all of the planning and logistics of the event – Michelle and Lisa created a beautiful atmosphere for this little elopement and made sure everyone was taken care of!

These two best friends describe themselves as an romantic, adventurous and easy going couple. But most of all, major foodies! What I loved about Antoinette and Charldan the most was their closeness with their families. The look of love from all their faces was truly heartwarming.

Whether your family is blood or chosen, it is such a privilege to have those bonds and is so special when you have them in your life!

 “I love that Charldan is so easy going. I admire that he doesn’t let anything bother him because I let everything get to me. He’s caring and loves his family. He will do anything for them and me. He will also work hard to get us to our goals.” 
– Antoinette
 “A few things that I love about Antoinette is how organized she is even though I am the complete opposite. I love how she always pushes me to be better and strive fro the best with her encouraging words. and I love how she’s so family oriented. because I know when we have a family of our own she’s just going to crush it and be the best mother anyone has seen.” 
– Charldan