It’s not often you hear the words big gay indian wedding in the same sentence. This celebration was special on all levels.

I crossed paths with Ajay & Jeetesh in the fall of last year. After we met I knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of their big gay wedding. We spoke a lot about our stories and coming out, our journeys, and the effects it had on ourselves and the people around us.

As for most youths coming to terms with their sexuality and identity, there are layers of guilt and shame, and fear of not fulfilling the expectations of their loved ones and the society they live in. With the added layer of being persons of colour, I shared in their experiences intimately and wholeheartedly.

I found so many parallels from my own life in their stories, so it only made sense that we connected instantly.

From the moment I left that meeting, I knew I wanted to be a part of their big day. And I am so grateful they chose me to be there!

Ajay and Jeteesh’s wedding was not only a celebration of their love, it was a about the people around them. Bombay Banquet Hall in Surrey was full of family and friends that showed up to support them and their rights.

It was a beautiful event highlighting their own paths of self acceptance and self love that ultimately brought them together.

Here is a little peak into their day. <3

Ajay & Jeetesh Portrait Session

Divinity DJs

Bombay Banquet Hall

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