September 21st, 2019 . Hycroft Manor . Coleen & Mike


Coleen and Mike’s engagement at Iona Beach was insanely windy, but magical and epic.

Rain and the elements were also in the forecast for their wedding, but in typical Vancouver fashion, it held off for most of the day and they were able to celebrate comfortably at Hycfort Manor with their family and friends.

The nerves and anxiousness could be felt as Coleen approached Mike for the first look. But after they were able to catch each other’s eyes, all of those feelings melted away. This is why I love first looks so much. Not only can you have a private and intimate moment, it is a chance to be with each other through all the emotions, ups and downs, and help each other find your way back to the earth together to just be.

The marriage ceremony was followed by a Chinese Tea Ceremony. This is another one of of my favourite traditions because of the emotions that tie in to old tradition. There is always a sense of letting go, and positive reassurance from loved ones as tea and gifts are being passed back and forth. It’s a true moment of the next steps in the couple’s lives.

The reception took place at Shiang Garden Restaurant in Richmond where speeches took place amongst a ten course meal!

The night ended off on the dance floor. It took a select few cousins to get the dance floor really going. And once it got started, it never stopped.

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