Scott and Kirk chose me to capture help them celebrate their 28th gay wedding anniversary in Vancouver! They chose Spanish Banks as the backdrop as they spent a lot of their lives living in the area.

Both have similar outlooks on life, appreciating the way humans have the potential to strive to be and do their best.

Scott says, “Do your best, have a positive impact on others, and be of service.”
Kirk says, “Be your best, be kind, and enjoy life.”

Together, they are at their best and make a beautiful team.

“Kirk is warm, always kind and gentle, he is very generous.”

– Scott

“What I love most about Scott is his sense of humour and that he is a jokester. He is very thoughtful, and takes care of me. He is sexy.”

– Kirk

“In twilight’s gentle, golden glow they stand,
Two hearts entwined, weathered by time’s hand,
A love that’s aged like fine wine in a cask,
A timeless love, a treasure to unmask.

Through life’s winding journey, hand in hand they tread,
Each step a testament, the love that they have spread,
In a world that once whispered, “hide your truth away,”
They chose to be themselves, come what may.

Their wrinkles tell stories of laughter and tears,
Of battles fought bravely, of conquering fears,
With every line etched, a memory unfurls,
In the tapestry of love, the oldest of pearls.

Their love knows no bounds, no societal walls,
For love is love, as the heart’s voice calls,
In a world that’s evolving, they’re a beacon so bright,
Shining love’s radiant, vibrant and bright.

They’ve danced through the decades, their souls intertwined,
In each other’s arms, a sanctuary they find,
With hands that have weathered the storms of the years,
They’ve weathered them all with joy and with tears.

Their love’s like a lighthouse on the shores of the night,
Guiding lost souls to the harbor of light,
A timeless love, a testament to the heart,
A masterpiece, a brilliant vision, a work of fine art.

So let us celebrate this love so divine,
A bond that has grown with the passage of time,
A timeless love, may your legacy be,
A symbol of hope and love for all to see.”

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