John Bello is a gay wedding photographer who specializes in
documenting LGBTQ+ celebrations, events and relationships in Vancouver, BC.


Our love is a statement,
and it's so important to find spaces
where we can be
our authentic selves.

Thank you for taking the time to be here.

 I’m a big believer in synchronicities and meaningful coincidences.

Life always has its way of bringing people together at the right time and right place, so I am grateful that our paths have crossed!

 Love does not fit in a box, 

and I respect and celebrate all forms of it inclusively. I appreciate each couple's unique qualities and courage, to be unapologetically themselves. Cultures and traditions are truly so beautiful in their own ways, making them one of the most unique experiences people can go through.

Your wedding day will go by in a blink of an eye, so the biggest piece of advice I always share with couples is to be completely present with each other and your loved ones to make the most of your special day. This where the magic comes from.


Vulnerability is beautiful, and is the secret to getting the best photos.

The people around you and the emotions the day carries is very important to me to document. I am able to do this by being a fly on the wall and immersing myself as a guest. It’s the ugly cries and the deep belly laughs that mean the most to me. 

I would love to be a part of your story
and capture your joy
in a vibrant
and authentic way.

So let go, just be, and put full trust in me to capture your celebration.

With gratitude,

(He / Him)

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A queer & POC owned wedding photography business in Vancouver, BC.