A beautiful LGBTQ+ Engagement Session at the Beach

Darsey & Taryn are getting married in June and celebrating a beautiful backyard ceremony by the beach in Tsawwassen. We chased the light at golden hour and I felt super honoured to capture their joy.

“Taryn comes into the world compassion first. I have always appreciated her kindness, generosity, and desire to constantly learn and improve. I admire how giving she is, and love seeing her with dogs and children. I see the way she is nurturing and patient, and full of love!“

“I love Darsey’s enthusiasm, joy, and energy. I love that her emotions are always genuine, and though they may often be too big, I love the fact that she feels so deeply and truly. I love that she is creative, clever, and wants to be challenged. I love that we have such a deep love and understanding for each other, and that we can communicate openly and clearly.”

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