This LGBTQ Wedding at Queen Elizabeth Park was an intimate but beautiful celebration. Wade Lifton of Young Hip and Married was their wedding celebrant and he created a ceremony that highlighted both of their personalities. Jo-Ann and Kristie read personal vows to each other and promised to put in the work it takes to have and maintain a beautiful relationship.

“I love her drive to help others. Her selfless wit to care and understand human emotions is admirable. Kristie is very diplomatic in her approach to life; she can turn a heated situation into a calm resolution for all to learn from.”

– Jo-Ann

“The things I love the most about Jo is her persistence, her drive and passion for life and not only did I meet her at a critical time but it’s the way she included me in it all. That’s just love! To be seen and admired for who you are is an amazing feeling and my fiancée has done that for me, she’s not a soft mushy person but I get that side and it’s entirely beautiful to be vulnerable with someone.”

– Kristie

Hair by Taryn Day
Makeup by Paige Griffith

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