Peter & Loke had a beautiful ceremony at Hycroft Manor and a warm reception at Rosewood Hotel Georgia. The wedding day was planned and executed by the amazing Lisa of Shing Weddings!

 “John Bello is an amazing Artistic Photographer with an eye for capturing the most special moments of the day.

We started early with the Getting Ready session in the room, followed by the Tea Ceremony, and the Wedding Ceremony at Hycroft, and finally the Dinner Reception at Rosewood Hotel Georgia. It was a lot to pack in one day, and John executed not only flawlessly and efficiently, but with charm, artistry and sensitivity.

 We were so lucky to have worked with you during our wedding day, which was 15 years in the making! 

Thanks to you, we will treasure forever these emotional memories that you have captured so poignantly”

-Peter & Loke

Peter and Loke’s Love Story (from their wedding website)

With his signature Hendricks Martini in hand during a Friday evening happy hour, Peter first met Loke in November 2006 at a professional function at the M Bar at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hong Kong.

While sporadically in touch as friends since that initial meeting, it was almost 2 years later in July 2008 when Loke surprised Peter by suddenly showing up in Tokyo during Peter’s holiday trip in Japan. Since they both happened to be in a foreign far-away land, the polite thing to do was to of course catch up over drinks, right?

Like the corny ending scene of a rom-com, Peter knew he was in deep shit when he saw Loke waiting for him outside a Roppongi jazz bar, standing next to a light post, and holding an umbrella in the night rain. I mean, really?? When their eyes met, Loke looked SO HAPPY to see Peter, and the uber-cynical Peter realized at that very moment, he felt the same too.

For many reasons, that Tokyo trip set off a chain of events that turned their lives upside down and those of their loved ones. Over the years, Peter’s and Loke’s struggles to just be together, were intertwined with life lessons about religion, ostracization, entitlement, acceptance and ultimately, celebration. As if relationships weren’t hard enough without these issues…!

Yet, that Tokyo trip has, against so many odds, also led Peter and Loke here today, after over 15 years from that initial meeting at the M Bar. While the bar has since closed, it’s a miracle that in the face of so many daunting challenges over the years, Peter and Loke are still going strong. If you haven’t already, please check out on the Gallery tab of this website, Loke’s impassioned and inspiring talk on his personal journey, particularly referencing his amazing co-parent and kids, at an LGBT event held by the awesome and inclusive Baker McKenzie.

Their wedding day is not just a celebration of Peter and Loke as a couple, but as importantly, it’s a celebration of their relationship with each of you. In particular, it’s an expression of their love and gratitude to you for your friendship, unconditional love and for inspiring them to be stronger and better .

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