One of the questions I like asking my couples is what their life philosophy is. What is it that they live their lives by? Ben says, “If you’re not happy doing it, then why are you doing it at all?”
Shuqing simply says, “Hakuna Matata!”

It’s their happiness and carefree outlook on life that are the foundation of who they are as people. As soon as I met them at Lighthouse Park for their engagement session, I could feel this energy and if was so refreshing, as it was contagious!

Ben and Shuqing got married at UBC Boathouse during a beautiful fall day. Lisa of Shing Weddings brought the celebration to life and created an amazing day for them and all of their guests.

 “Ben is so thoughtful and considerate! I love that he genuinely cares about all of his friends and that I can talk to him about anything.” 
 – Shuqing
 “I love it when Shuqing laughs, she becomes lost in the moments and laughs with her whole heart. That’s why I want to spend my life making her happy.” 
– Ben


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