Daniella Guzzo Photography invited me along to capture Icarus and Ben’s wedding with her last fall. They flew in Hong Kong with all of their family and friends and I am so grateful for the invite.

My favourite part of the day happened right after the ceremony ended. A long line of family and friends formed in front of the two grooms stretching from the front of the aisle to the back of the room. However, it wasn’t just a quick hug and congratulations. Each greeting was filled with so much love and passionate intent. Each hug lasted literally forever. As each loved one approached Icarus & Ben, it would always start off with a giant lingering embrace, followed by yells of excitement, and waterfalls of tears that streamed off each person’s face.
I have never seen such an emotional outpour of love like this at a wedding. To see EVERY single guest, the men, the women, allowing themselves to be unapologetically vulnerable, unable to hold back their tears of joy was the most inspiring thing. It was constant. It was infinite.
I consider myself so lucky to have have had the opportunity to experience this. Thank you again Daniella for having me along with you. I will remember this day, and how I felt, forever.

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