2019 was all about connection and reconnection across every facet of my life.

This past year presented me with many moments to re-evaluate and fine tune my business.

It also gave me a chance to really appreciate the new relationships that blossomed over the past year and the opportunity to nurture past ones through much needed reconnecting.

From a wedding industry point of view, 2019 was a reminder that I am loved, appreciated and surrounded by the most talented, hard working and passionate people. These people thrive in their crafts because they pour their hearts into everything they do. It’s a community that inspires me to do the same, wherever and whenever I can.

We are so lucky to be able to celebrate moments with our couples. There is nothing like it.

2019 also happened to be the year I experienced one of the greatest accomplishments of my career by winning the 2019 BC Wedding Award for Best Overall Photography.

A part of me takes that moment in time and interprets it as a perfectly timed hug from the Universe, in a time when I needed it the most.

It was a little hug of reassurance to remind me that I am still on the right path, exactly where I am meant to be..

.. a place to keep going, and to keep growing.

An extended gratitude to:

Alicia Keats of Alicia Keats Weddings + Events

Cristie Rosling of Umbrella Events

Evan & Mordi at Koncept Event Design

Holly & Nicole of Pop Up Weddings

Leslie Luu at Elle Weddings

Lisa Lee of Shing Weddings

Elope With Us

LJ at Dalaga Beauty Studio

Love Tree Photography

Power of Threee

Thank you for giving me a space, embracing me with open arms, and continuing to support me and my photography!

2020 here I come!

press play ^^



To 2020 & beyond!

Thank you for taking the time to look through my work. I would love to hear from you! Please connect with me via email directly at johnbellophotographer@gmail.com.

And if you haven’t already, look through my other year end posts!