Peter & Thomas’ special wedding celebration at Cecil Green Park House was opulent, intimate and beautiful.

A common theme through some of the heartfelt speeches was the fact that Peter and Thomas were the perfect opposites that complimented each other in a way that worked effortlessly. The importance of uniqueness and individuality was evident throughout the venue and decor and Cecil Green was filled with their personalities shining through.

During out initial meeting we were discussing my tattoos. Peter noticed my peacock tattoo on my arm, and his eyes lit up! He then went on to mention their wedding cake would feature a peacock as well.. one of those little synchronous life moments that I love so much.

Thank you for viewing my work! I am a Vancouver wedding photographer who specializes in gay and lesbian weddings, and all celebrations within the LGBTQ2S+ family. I am a proud member of the community and feel privileged to call an open and loving city as Vancouver home – please contact me for more information on wedding & engagement coverages.

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It’s a privilege and honour to share these experiences with you.

Vancouver gay and LGBTQ2S+ weddings are close to my heart. The opportunity to capture love that is not always accepted, especially in different parts of the world and many cultures is truly an honour. It is a privilege to live in a city like Vancouver, where I can document love as a gay wedding photographer, and experience and share in these celebrations with my couples.

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