Jamie and Joel celebrated a micro wedding ceremony on the piece of land originally known as, X̱wáýx̱way (pronounced “Whoi Whoi”).

Before the colonization of Europeans, the area now known as Stanley Park was home to many indegenous folx, belonging to the Squamish, Musqueam and Tsleil-waututh people.

The indigenous peoples who called this home, were forcibly removed and displaced by colonizers over the years as they were seen as an impediment to the booming development of the city of Vancouver.  This process was made easier by the passing of the 1876 Indian Act.

Jamie and Joel have chosen this area of Vancouver in light of Reconciliation and to also pay homage to Joel’s culture and heritage. Because of the world’s recent events and the pivoting of plans, this small ceremony will be followed up next year at Stanley Park Pavilion. There will be a blessing of gifts, a blanket ceremony and many other traditions kept alive through Joel’s Cree culture. 

Most importantly, a space will be given to include a blessing of the land, by the Elders whose direct ancestors called X̱wáýx̱way home.

I am so grateful to be a part of this journey.

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It’s a privilege and honour to share these experiences with you.

Vancouver gay and LGBTQ2S+ weddings are close to my heart. The opportunity to capture love that is not always accepted, especially in different parts of the world and many cultures is truly an honour. It is a privilege to live in a city like Vancouver, where I can document love as a gay wedding photographer, and experience and share in these celebrations with my couples.

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