JP and Jason met through Tinder, JP from Peace River, Alberta and Jason from Seattle, Washington.

They now call New Westminster, BC home and are super excited to start a life together!

These two married at St. Barnabas surrounded by a handful of their loved ones.

We captured portraits around New Westminster, taking advantage of the lush autumn foliage that was still around. We then made a stop at Front Street and then a final photo at the rainbow stairs at River Market.

We were running out of time, but I reassured JP and Jason, that taking this last photo at the rainbow stairs would not only be cute, but super important

There was some hesitance, taking those first few photos on those steps. All three of us subconsciously looked around, to make sure it was okay.

In that moment I remembered, this is the way most of us are conditioned to feel: to proceed with caution, before we love openly and freely.

After those first few photos however, JP and Jason were greeted with a few “Congratulations!” as people walked by, and whatever we were all feeling initially went away, and we were able to enjoy that moment together to its fullest.

I hope the feeling of them getting married on their wedding day is something that sticks with them forever.

And I hope that moment on the stairs, where they were able to love openly and freely, sets the tone for their new life together in New Westminster, their new home.

Thank you for viewing my work! I am a Vancouver wedding photographer who specializes in gay and lesbian weddings, and all celebrations within the LGBTQ2S+ family. I am a proud member of the community and feel privileged to call an open and loving city as Vancouver home – please contact me for more information on wedding & engagement coverages.

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It’s a privilege and honour to share these experiences with you.

Vancouver gay and LGBTQ2S+ weddings are close to my heart. The opportunity to capture love that is not always accepted, especially in different parts of the world and many cultures is truly an honour. It is a privilege to live in a city like Vancouver, where I can document love as a gay wedding photographer, and experience and share in these celebrations with my couples.

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